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Love Stories

Whiskey's Moment of Rescue

In December 2022, Whiskey, found on Albanian streets seeking help, collapsed from exhaustion when one of our volunteers spotted him. Rushed to emergency care, Whiskey's resilient spirit persisted despite his frail body. Diagnosed with Ehrlichia, Antiplasma, and severe mange causing hair loss and painful skin lesions, he was emaciated from scavenging for food. Admitted for intensive care, immediate treatment commenced to give Whiskey a fighting chance at life.

Scotti's Courageous Journey: From the Streets to Recovery

When Scotti, a three-month-old kitten, was discovered alone on the streets, he suffered from a severe prolapsed rectum. Fortunately, a compassionate individual rescued him and rushed him to the vet. Emergency surgery was essential to save Scotti's life and start his recovery. Placed in intensive care, he received constant care, medications to fight infection and anemia, along with abundant love from a devoted team of caregivers.

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