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Terrfied starving dog found in critical condition on a desolate rocky road


Resilient survivor who emerged from the depths of cruelty to healing.


A helpless stray Milo was discovered in a state of extreme terror, bleeding on the streets.


CRITICAL: 9-Month-Old Puppy Brutally Abused, Her Mouth Tied Shut To Starve Her As CRUEL Punishment

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URGENT: Our Organization Forced to Temporarily Close June 30th Due to Mounting Debt.

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Urgent Fundraiser❗️3 Days Left to Save Abused & Abandoned Dog

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SOS: Blind Pup Dumped BLEEDING From Eyes And Nose, Barely Clinging To Life.

Help Darla

Worms Uncontrollably Multiplying Inside Abandoned Dog's Abdomen Causing Severe Ascites