Everyday we care for over 500 animals in sanctuary, and our availability for visitors is limited. Please click here to schedule a visit.

For over a decade, 4 Zampe Rescue Albania – House of Strays has been at the forefront of animal welfare in Albania. Our mission encompasses various initiatives, from rescuing animals in distress to providing medical care, facilitating responsible adoptions, and conducting awareness programs. Central to our efforts is our commitment to SPAY / NEUTER, a cornerstone intervention for animal welfare.

SPAY / NEUTER is vital as it not only curbs uncontrolled breeding, which contributes to unwanted litters and overpopulation, but also offers a multitude of health benefits. It significantly reduces the risk of serious diseases such as tumors and uterine infections, thereby enhancing the overall well-being of animals. Moreover, it can mitigate undesirable behaviors associated with reproductive instincts, like aggression and wandering.

Since 2019, our nonprofit has spearheaded numerous sterilization projects, effectively reducing stray populations and promoting animal health. With your support, we can provide comprehensive interventions for just €50 per animal. This includes the sterilization procedure, five days of post-operative care at our clinic, two vital vaccines (one for rabies and one polyvalent), and an anti-parasite tablet.

It’s crucial to highlight that all animals, especially those suffering from illnesses or poor health, receive necessary treatment before undergoing sterilization. We assure you that every donation we receive is devoted entirely to the well-being of animals, and all contributions are tax-deductible.

We rely solely on your generosity, as we do not receive financial assistance from local authorities or other organizations. With your support, we can sustain our sterilization campaigns and effect meaningful change in the lives of countless animals in Albania.

Join us in this critical mission and help secure a brighter future for animals across the country. Every donation, regardless of size, can make a profound difference for a stray dog or cat. How many animals will you choose to assist with your donation?

The sterilizations are carried out and monitored by the “Limoj Clinic” led by Dr. Artenis Limoj.