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3 Days Left to Save Abused & Abandoned Dog

Innocent Cloud was found abandoned in the mountains of Italy with his eyes sealed shut with pus, his tail and paws bloodied from abuse, and his body starved. Blind and immobilized by horrific pain and injuries, Cloud was completely helpless. Thankfully, a good Samaritan found him and rushed him to the nearest hospital. His condition was so severe that he had to be intubated. Test results revealed he has leishmania, Ehrlichia, numerous skin and eye infections, and severe respiratory problems. Cloud has likely been suffering all 6 years of his life and needs us now more than ever. Intensive care is crucial and immediate treatment for leishmania must begin. We urgently need your help to raise over $6,000 for essential exams, treatments, and tests for Cloud, who has only 3 days to live without this critical care. We refuse to consider euthanasia due to a lack of funds. Cloud is currently in Italy while our sanctuary is in Albania but we know he deserves a chance at life, and we are in a severe emergency. Please donate and share Cloud's story. Every contribution brings us closer to saving his life and finding him a forever home! Together, we can give Cloud the chance he so desperately needs.

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