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Help Darla

Worms Uncontrollably Multiplying Inside Abandoned Dog's Abdomen Causing Severe Ascites


The amount of pain this innocent girl has suffered for a month on the streets is unimaginable. Her swollen belly is filled with fluid and infested with worms that have multiplied uncontrollably inside her abdomen. Instead of receiving assistance, bystanders mistook her condition for pregnancy and left her to roam alone without care.

We rescued her last night at midnight and traveled 7 hours to save her, immediately sending her straight to the clinic. Ascites was discovered, a condition that persists when medical intervention is ignored for more than a month causing the fluid to collect and also move into the chest and surround the lungs. She was not only filled with fluid but also so badly infested with worms that the open wound on her leg was full of worms spewing out. She weighs 70.5 lbs, while the average weight of a pup her size should be 30-60 lbs. Darla had been dragging around so much weight and pain for far too long.  The situation is extremely critical.

Currently, the vets are draining the accumulated fluid. Unfortunately, she has tested positive for heartworm and ehrlichiosis. Fortunately, her blood test results are normal, and we are waiting for the results of her kidney and liver tests. At the moment, Darla is eating and drinking with an appetite and is under treatment with antibiotics and specific medicines to help her heal while hospitalized.

We cannot turn away when we are notified about cases like Darla’s, she was alone and on the brink of death, despite all the difficulties, debts, and other animals we have under our responsibility, we knew she deserved a second chance. If you can find it in your heart to donate, or send a loving wish list item, every little bit of help counts. Thank you for your compassion. 🙏🏻🐾❤️

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