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Pet Profile

Ambra: Spirited street dog, resilient

Ambra is a high-spirited young pup who has spent her entire life as a stray on the streets of Albania. This amazing sweetheart has never been socialized with humans but yearns for a loving family of her own.
However, poor Ambra suffered a debilitating injury as a stray and has a severely ruptured left eye that bleeds consistently is extremely swollen. Little Ambra was taken to the emergency animal hospital where she undergo eye enucleation surgery to remove the ruptured eye.
Ambra is now ready to find a family If you believe that I could be the perfect match for you, please take a moment to complete my adoption application. Let's embark on a new chapter of life together!

BREED: Labrador Retriever Mix
AGE: 2 Year Female
HEALTHY: Vaccinations up to date spayed / neutered, dewormed
GOOD IN THE HOME WITH : Other male dogs , childrens
SIZE: Medium

See my Characteristics and personalities.

Her characteristics : Friendly, Affectionate, Playful, Smart, Curious, Funny, Athletic, Loves kisses

Ambra, with her friendly and affectionate demeanor, welcomes everyone she encounters with a wagging tail and an open heart. Cuddles and companionship are her language of love, as she seeks to spread warmth wherever she goes. Ambra’s playful spirit is evident in the lively antics that bring joy to those around her. With a smart and curious nature, she navigates her surroundings with an inquisitive charm, always ready for new adventures. Her funny and athletic personality adds a touch of liveliness to every moment, making her a cherished presence in the lives of those who know her. Above all, Ambra thrives on love and expresses it generously through kisses, reflecting her boundless affection for the world.


Friendly, Smart, Athletic
Affectionate, Love kisses
Curious, Funny