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Calida was cold-heartedly dumped by her owners, battered and bleeding, on the outskirts of town in the dead of night.

One recent evening, after night had fallen, we were alerted to a situation involving a donkey in severe distress. Poor Calida had been spotted on the outskirts of town, covered in wounds and dripping in blood. She had been abandoned by her owners and left to fend for herself as the predators of the night descended. Undoubtedly, Calida was destined to become prey to the hungry wolves and stray dogs that stalked the remote parts of town. Those meant to care for Calida most showed no remorse as they drove away, leaving her to be slaughtered in the darkness.

It wasn’t enough that Calida had been mistreated her entire life. Now that she had grown too old and weary to work, her heartless owners would not be satisfied until her carcass was strewn about the fields like the trash she was discarded amongst. When we arrived on the scene, we were heartbroken to find Calida so weak she could barely stand. Stumbling over her own feet, this poor girl was in desperate need of help. When Calida was brought back to our center, we could clearly see the toll years of neglect had taken on her battered body.

Calida’s hooves were extremely overgrown, hindering her ability to walk. Her legs were covered with blood, and puss oozed from her eyes. We could hear this poor girl struggling to breathe, each breath strained and raspy. She was also severely emaciated. It was clear Calida had not been fed properly in quite some time. We estimate poor Calida to be around 18 years old, but the abuse she endured has aged her well beyond her years. Calida will need extensive medical care if she has any hope of recovery, but we are determined to give this girl the life she deserves.

If you can, please consider contributing to help us with the cost of Calida’s upcoming medical care. You can also send this sweet girl a get-well gift by donating any items from her Wish List of much-needed supplies. We will be sure to provide updates on Calida’s condition as she continues to heal. Thank you for your invaluable support.

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