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Senior horse collapses on the street under a heavy load, cruelly beaten to stand again.

His abuser had only seen Corason as a work truck and neglected to meet his basic needs. Unable to bear the burden any longer, Corason collapsed, unable to get back up. Shockingly, the owner continued to beat him in broad daylight on his head and legs.

Thankfully, a compassionate person reported this cruelty to us, and after convincing the owner, Corason was surrendered into our care. Upon closer inspection, Corason is covered in sores, and rain rot, and is nothing but skin and bones. Currently undergoing daily veterinary visits and receiving necessary medications, he is slowly progressing towards recovery.

For the first time, Corason is now able to graze peacefully. We are grateful to have saved this senior horse, providing him with the sanctuary he desperately needed. Will you join us in our mission to support Corason’s recovery and ensure his remaining years are filled with health and happiness? Any support is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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