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9-Month-Old Puppy Brutally Abused, Her Mouth Tied Shut To Starve Her As CRUEL Punishment

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GRAPHIC WARNING: We are SO upset. Someone wound a rope around Ajla’s snout and knotted it, preventing this young girl, who isn’t even a YEAR old, from breathing, eating, or drinking water. The noose was wrapped so aggressively that it cut off circulation and began to slice open her skin as her nose blew up like a balloon. Now, her snout has almost completely fallen off with gangrenous tissue and infection.

This is a critical situation. We’ve just discovered Ajla on the brink of death—LITERALLY fighting for EVERY breath after someone vile made her the victim of torture. We suspect she may have eaten a farm chicken out of desperation, and as “punishment” was unfairly and inhumanely reprimanded with a bind around her mouth.

This rope was so fastened so securely that she couldn’t eat a single bite of food or drink even a tiny drop of water. She was suffering on account of that alone, not to mention the sheer pain coursing through her head, pulsating as her constricted blood flow tried to warn her that there was something dangerously wrong with her mouth.

She tried to paw off the cord, and she tried alerting someone for help, but she was growing dizzy as her body began to go into shock mode, conserving her precious energy lest she die. She had no choice but to endure the choking bind as she lay in agony, all because her belly was rumbling and she wanted a little bite to eat.

We do not know how long she was forced to live like this, but as soon as the blood supply was cut off by the tightness of the rope, the body’s natural life-saving response kicked in. Ajla’s skin began to fall off in large swaths, gangrene and necrotic tissue overpowered the living tissue, and ALL matter started to disappear from her mouth. Her body was trying to save her, trying to rid her of the part of itself that was causing her immense pain, but this slow-paced death sentence only proved to be that much more painful and agonizing. It was only a matter of days, if not hours before Ajla was going to meet a disastrous end had we not found her in the nick of time.

When we laid eyes on her our hearts sank. We rushed to her side, and she willingly let us scoop her up and take her to safety. Once at the vet, doctors barreled through their initial shock and immediately began saving this poor soul. At the ER, we also found out that she is battling Leishmaniasis, which has made breathing a difficult task for her. We are working now to clean up the wound side and get her as comfortable as possible before undergoing the next steps. The sight of her suffering, with her trusting eyes pleading for relief, is heart-shattering. Yet, despite her grave condition, Ajla remains gentle and hopeful.

Of course, vets are doing rounds of antibiotics to try and stave off any more infection, but at this point, the wound is so aggressive and egregious, that surgery is necessary. A procedure is crucial to mend the devastating injuries to her mouth and prevent the spread of gangrene. We MUST see what can be salvaged from her snout. This is such a vital part of her face, and we want her to have a fulfilling, happy life after this trauma is said and done. It’s up to us—now. However, tragically, the continuous medical attention and resources that Ajla needs are completely beyond our current capacity due to existing debts with the clinic.

Ajla’s life hangs in the balance. With your support, we can give her the surgery and treatment she urgently needs. Please donate now to help Ajla recover from her traumatic injuries and lead a healthy life, or purchase items from her wish list of essential supplies to show her she is loved during this trying

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