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Blind Pup Dumped BLEEDING From Eyes And Nose, Barely Clinging To Life

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Poor Ettore was found forgotten, and suffering, abandoned amid the tall grass. Lethargic and drained from leishmaniasis, his immune system was weakened. He also had oozing sores, blood streaming from his nose and eyes, and a broken leg. Overwhelmed by pain and illness, he cried out desperately as his life slipped away. 

When we received the call about his case, we jumped into our cars and raced to the scene. The moment we laid eyes on this poor pup, our bodies became numb, and our hearts shocked and broken. We presumed that he had been dumped by a cruel, heartless owner when we saw his badly cut ears. It was evident that sweet Ettore had been suffering alone for quite some time. We lifted him from the cold streets and bundled him in blankets, rushing him to the nearest veterinary clinic. 

Examinations laid bare the extent of his torment. In addition to his countless conditions, Ettore tested positive for severe leishmaniasis, complicating an already critical health situation. His blood tests returned with alarming results, signaling an urgent need for comprehensive medical care. The debilitating condition of his body, compounded by chronic pain, necessitates a series of aggressive treatments aimed at stabilizing his perilous state. 

Acknowledging the gravity of his situation, the veterinary team quickly initiated treatment to manage his painful symptoms and address the life-threatening infections. Hospitalized immediately, Ettore began receiving the necessary medications to fight his disease, under the attentive care of medical professionals dedicated to giving him a fighting chance at recovery. These medical expenses will be costly, however, and we do not have the funds to save him on our own. 

Ettore is fighting for his life every moment. Alone, he won’t make it, but your support could be his chance at a better tomorrow. Please consider making a monetary donation or purchasing a life-changing gift from his wish list to provide the care he desperately needs. We will supply updates as often as possible. Thank you.

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