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Bruce: From Suffering to Redemption

Traumatized Dog in ICU Fighting Desperate Battle Against Abuse & Viruses Ravaging His Frail Body

Bruce is a survivor of unimaginable cruelty, his body bears the scars of relentless abuse as he was kicked and stoned by cruel humans on the street. This defenseless soul pleaded for any ounce of support, but to many, he was nothing more than a nuisance. He was found on the brink of death starving, dehydrated, and riddled with painful ulcers.

Traumatized by the horrible abuse he had endured, when we arrived at his rescue he was trembling, afraid of everyone, in pitiful conditions. We rushed him to our trusted vet where multiple tests and examinations revealed a heartbreaking diagnosis of filariasis, erlichia, and severe scabies ravaging his fragile body.

Bruce is currently still under intensive care, fighting for his life.  Bruce receives essential medications to combat his ailments. He must endure the painful process of Ehrlichia treatment, and twice a week, followed by a soothing bath to address his skin problems.

Bruce’s journey to recovery will be long but with your support, we can offer him the chance he deserves—a life filled with love, comfort, and happiness. Today, we humbly ask for your help. Your donation, no matter how small, will make a world of difference in Bruce’s life.

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