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Boris: From Suffering to Redemption

Terrfied starving dog found in critical condition on a desolate rocky road

Boris was discovered on a rock-filled road, traumatized and in fear his face was covered with scars as he desperately scoured the rocky ground for even the smallest morsel of sustenance. His condition is critical, with his ribcage protruding through his emaciated frame, and large patches of infected skin where protective fur once shielded him.

After hours of gaining Boris’ trust, we were able to rescue him from the streets and rush him to our vet. After the examinations and tests, Boris has been diagnosed with leishmaniasis, heartworm, and other health issues. His situation is critical and was struggling with serious internal and external ailments requiring immediate care.

We will never know his truth or how long he went without a meal or clean water. He is around 5 years old and likely had been fighting for his life to survive alone with no love his entire life. We are dedicated to helping him transform, gain weight, and become a healthy and happy dog with a fresh new coat of fur. We will move forward with treatment, including allopurinol and Milteforan, essential drugs to fight leishmaniasis, along with a tailored treatment plan.  

Unfortunately, the cost of these treatments is high, and at the moment, our financial resources are depleted. For this reason, we are asking for your help. Every contribution, no matter how large or small, whether monetary, through a wishlist, or by sharing on social media, can make a difference in Boris’s life and allow us to provide him with the care he deserves. Thank you for your compassion.